Mentha Arvensis


Mentha Arvensis is obtained from steam distillation of Mentha arvensis leaves. It has high content L-Menthol content. Mentha Arvensis is a natural source of L-Menthol. It is grown in India, China and some parts of USA. India is the largest producer of Mentha Arvensis. Both mentha arvensis and Menthol are widely used in flavor and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Menthol Crystal
  • Menthol 99%
  • Mentha Arvensis Crude
  • Crude DMO
  • Cornmint Oil Eur pH
  • Cornmint Oil 50%
  • Cornmint Oil Terpeneless
  • Cornmint Terpenes
  • Mint Blends (as per customer’s specifications)
  • Menthone 70/30
  • Menthone 80/20
  • Menthone 90/10
  • Menthone 95/5
  • D-Isomenthone 90%
  • NeoMenthol 90%
  • Cineol 60% (Ex-mint)
It benefits the nervous system and is useful in treatment of stress-related conditions such as headache, insomnia and nervous tension. It is useful in treatment of skin problems such as acne, boils and ulcers; treatment of blood circulation, muscles and joints complications and relieves arthritis, inflamed joints, muscular pains, rheumatism and sprains. It also benefits the immune systems and is useful in the treatment of cold, flu and infections. It is very useful with respiratory infections such as asthma, throat infections, laryngitis and fever and genitourinary system disorders. Wild mint is also edible, raw or cooked. It contains essential oil which is processed to be used further for industrial purposes. Another importance is as insect repellent. Related Products Mentha Piperita Click here to know more about the product Spearmint Click here to know more about the product Natural Molecules Click here to know more about the product Base Oil Click here to know more about the product